Commercial premise Centro
4.500€ (£ 4.054 approx.)
Size:237m²  Baths:2  
Reference: 319975,  Size: 237m²,  Bathrooms: 2,  Floor: Street level,  Location: Exterior,  Ceiling height: High,  Type of ceiling: Plaster,  Hot water: Individual,  Heating: Individual,  Air conditioning: Cold-heat,  Lift: Yes,  Style: Modern,  Facade: Cristal,  Condition: Excellent,  Availability: Unoccupied,  Security measures: Security door,  Environment: Street,  Activity sector: Bars, Cafeterias, Hotels,  Number of separated areas: 5,  Display width: 5.00m.,  IBI: 885€ .
Majestic Home & Retail C/ Velázquez, 12 28001 Madrid. (+34)635072075